Mike Kopp was raised in a "classical" music family, growing up in Southern California and coming of age in the 1960's, .  Ultimately it was the British invasion (led of course by the Beatles) that started his personal journey. A move to Arizona in 1994 sparked a creative renaissance.  For more than a decade Mike was the guitarist and vocalist with Innocent Bystander .  There were a number of years working steadily with a number of duo's and trios  preceding the Pandemic of 2020.  Then, everything, shut , down.  During the 2020 lockdown Tim Sadow and Mike Kopp started a video project. After a year of making videos for cover songs Mike and Tim began writing original instrumental works. This chapter has just started, the first result is their release of "In The Presence Of Gravity".  Their latest release is a full length LP "Out Of The Mist".


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