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Mike Kopp and Tim Sadow’s Instrumental Bliss

Another wonderfully different release here to kick off 2022 is the instrumental collaboration album between Mike Kopp and Tim Sadow titled ‘Out Of The Mist’. Tim’s captivating violin and viola work are accentuated by Mike’s intricate guitar and bass compositions across nine beautiful instrumental tracks. ‘Out Of The Mist’ certainly provokes reflection and will have you sinking deep into your chair.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck-New Age Music Reviews Founder
December 7, 2021

Tim Sadow (violin, viola) and Mike Kopp (guitar, bass) collaborate on a new release titled Out of The Mist. 

The duo's music within the nine tracks is a variable montage of colors, textures, vibrations, rhythms, and emotions. All of that is encompassed in every track.

"A Kite's Tale" is a beautiful introduction to what to expect going forward. The energy is contagious and moving in many different directions. I found it quite enjoyable and immediately respected the gentleman creating all of this entertaining music.

One of my favorites was "As The River Runs." I could honestly picture a flowing river in my mind's eye. The first part of the song was fast-moving, like a rushing river after a hard rainfall. Subsequently, the music takes on a slower pace, like a smooth-running stream on a hot summer's day. The music played is so powerfully convincing that you can envision what the track's title is suggesting.

Tim's violin and viola find the perfect bedfellow with Mike's acoustic guitar and bass lines. The viola has a hint of sadness at times, and the violin can reach the range of human emotions. The blend of their artistry is significant. It shines brightly in all of the tracks. Every track takes a different turn with some nice changes as well. The way they all start will get your attention. "Pins and Needles" was another excellent example of their synergy on display. It is an upbeat track with high energy woven into every second. You get some violin, dare I say shredding, during a few moments. 

You can't put names and genres on this music because it doesn't fit into any box. If pressed to define it, I would call it contemporary instrumental with some Celtic influences, easy listening with a new age flavor and ambiance; it's all of that. The point is that Out of The Mist is an entirely accessible and enjoyable listen for many types of listeners. That is not always the easiest thing to accomplish, and its success is an outstanding achievement.

Out of The Mist brought me much joy and hit all the sensory areas where I find the most peace and enjoyment, which equals out to spirituality. 

Out of The Mist ends most interestingly with "Space Chatter," which was a surprise ending compared to all the other tracks. I did appreciate it; it was very progressive, and actually, I thought of something Jean Luc Ponty would have done during the height of his popularity. Coming from that perspective, I don't think I could get more complimentary! And lord knows there is nothing better than a surprise ending to an album you loved right from the start. They could not have finished it in a better way.


What the entire planet needs now more than ever is to be lifted out of the malaise it has fallen into, and it just could be that Out Of the Mist by Tim Sadow & Mike Kopp is the latest release that could be the flag bearer for those better days ahead, here is an album that is both fluent and energetic, and will leave the listener with a satisfied smile upon their faces, perhaps even one of hope.

The reason for my abundance of cheer began with the uplifting musical narrative entitled A Kite's Tale, one could with ease visualise the beauty of the moment through the classy performance from two men who have become known for their most accomplished performances on guitar, violin and viola. 

That happy positivity is continued with this next piece called Song of the Circle, but added here is a fine layer of calm and tranquillity, the strings of Sadow manifest a green meadow to lay down upon, whilst Kopp’s guitar creates a warm pastiche of colour to utterly enjoy, this is a wonderful feel good moment indeed.

I loved the added jazzy motifs of this next track entitled Desperate Measures, a great title that leaves much to the imagination, and the minor chord structures add a layer of intense intrigue upon the pathways of the arrangement, this is a truly clever piece that deserves multiple listens, just to understand and revel in all the nuances that can be found within this offering.

One of my personal favourites would be the following piece entitled Dance of the Leaves. The sensitive structures and arrangements created a warm approach, but one that contains a bed of reflective nuances, perhaps of both summer and autumn, when leaves both dance, but in differing ways, there was also a wonderful imploring nature to this piece, that the breath taking strings of Sadow brought to the table beautifully, and indeed danced with Kopp’s magical guitar with ease.

I always adore songs about rivers, they are, or were a huge passion of mine, having spent so many years in, on, and around them. Here on As the River Runs, the partnership on Kopp and Sadow blooms like an early abundant April morning, the guitar of Kopp manifests its finest work on this cheer filled musical narrative, one of positivity and vibrational freedom as we flow with pleasure down the river of life’s rich pattern.

On To Speak of Love we have a creation of an entirely different colour, the strings of Sadow move around Kopp’s crafted performance, to bring us a truly heart felt musical portrayal in fine style. There is a flowing movement here that is also deeply compelling, and the structure of this arrangement is cleverly orchestrated to bring us something meaningful and sincere to enjoy.

I had these the other night, Pins and Needles, however this seriously is a wonderful moment of fun, and a symbiotic moment of energy, one that flows from its boundaries like a flower eager to burst into life at the first feel of a spring sun. The power and performance here by both artists manifests something creatively sun kissed and happy for us all to enjoy.

Our penultimate piece was also a personal favourite of mine and apart from having a sublime title called Behind the Waterfall; we see a very classy performance by Kopp on guitar that drifts some amazing guitar across the radius of our minds eye. There is an interesting interplay here between the two artists, one that could very well have created a traditional folk styled ethic that will be remembered for eons.

To conclude this simply marvellous release we go to a composition called Space Chatter, a totally different style for us to enjoy now, and a very surprising and exciting end to the album. Almost funky at times, with elements of several genres all popping into the mix; here we have a final offering that is a breath taking and exciting as the day is new, and a fantastic way to leave the album, with a ball of energy that is so very undeniable.

Out of the Mist by Tim Sadow & Mike Kopp is an album that you miss at your own peril, here within lies a positive sphere of vibrant music that will lift you from your blues, within each track you will find a partnership of a collective nature that fits so naturally like hands do in gloves, and thus you will bring yourselves no less than 9 tracks of some of those most intuitive and addictive instrumental music that your ever likely to find.